Strategy and Planning Tips for B2B Companies

Similar to B2C companies, strategic marketing plans are essential to the success of B2B companies. As we’re halfway through 2017, businesses will continually be reviewing their performances and planning for 2018’s marketing strategies. Below we’ll be going through the best tips, Strategy and Planning Tips for B2B Companies to get a long-term strategy that works for your company.


Assess the Situation

With the large amounts of activity that is happening, it can be easy to lose sight of your end goal. So, it is imperative to assess your situation regularly. You can do this by ensuring that you continue to have the right buyers kept in your database. Continually analyzing past purchase data, sales and marketing automation data and your CRM data – can help in identifying all the components in the buying process.


Review Company’s Mission

Reviewing your company’s goals, vision, mission, and brand can help you get a base to start upon. You can also ask yourselves the following questions.

  • How can we use the web and social media to gain a market advantage?
  • What tools can we implement to encourage an ease of use for customers?
  • How can we provide our customers with a service to compete with the ones of our competitors?
  • What metrics can we use to measure our channels?
  • What features can we introduce to our mobile users?



Once you have assessed and reviewed your current marketing strategies, you will be able to see which new strategy will suit your company’s need better. Your marketing strategy can vary due to the different market opportunities and business priorities.


Develop an Action Plan

Turn your market strategy and planning into activities and resources to attain your goals. Through gaining information from each area of the business and then setting up objectives that coordinate with the market activities, you can attain your goals.


Consider Customer Insights

Trends are always changing. So, keeping up with the market trends, as well as consumer thoughts, behavior, feeling and values is vital. With several ways,  you can gain this information to best suit the needs of your strategy.


Detailed Oriented Marketing Personas

Finding ideal customers can be a hard task for some people, which is why having marketing personas that have excellent track records can be vital to your business. They can find these ideal customers so that you can market to the right audience.


Understand Customer Needs

Whether it’s SEO, social media, email marketing, expos or cold calling, a business has several channels to share their message on. The key is to find what channel works best for them to gain customers and invest in those channels. You can further gain information by conducting interviews and looking for information on their buying influences and any concerns they might have.



No matter how you shape your marketing strategy and planning, it’s important always to have a clear, consistent, and concise platform. If possible, you can start looking into hiring a B2B marketing specialist to revamp their marketing strategy for the years to com

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