Crawlers and High Quality Writing for SEO Content

The SEO content has significantly changed. With Google updates and new intensive searches in Social Media, you cannot just rely on SEO packed content that is low quality. You now must work harder or pay a bit more to have high quality content on your website as well as your backlinking.

Fresh Content is Extremely Necessary

The crawlers will not rank you well if your content is stagnant and stale. Even if you are only posting 1-4 bogs per month, that will help crawlers notice your site. Posting new items, even if it is just a very simple short update on a regular basis shows the crawlers that you are using high quality works, and keeping it fresh.

High quality article writing services keep those crawlers busy on your page, and keep your rankings moving up. If the content is not solid, crawlers will not hit on your site as a top performer for searches. The algorithm used by Google and other search engines can detect the quality of your content by the length of time visitors spend on your site. If your content does not interest your visitors they will not stay. So Google sees you as not important.

Green Content

Another high quality writing service is keeping it “green”. What does green mean? It has nothing to do with eco or recycling. Green content means articles that are timeless. That the information is just as good and enriching today as it was 6 months or a year ago. Old school SEO content did not have to worry about green, just about keywords crammed into an article. Today your marketing budget can’t afford to be stale.

Page Rankings

Indexing is how page rankings are determined. The index is created from previous web crawling, and from Sitemap data. As the Googlebot (crawler) visits each site, it detects all the links on each page and adds them to the index. Dead links, new websites and changes to existing sites are also noted to update the index.

The rankings in Google are determined by good content and good Sitemap creation. High quality article writing services offer good content that crawlers note. They also note the back-linking content that is causing hits to come to your site.

For high quality article writing and SEO Content services please contact us for a quote and even a site marketing plan of action. Arden Marketing Enterprises will gladly offer you some great deals and packages for high quality article writing services.

For more about Google site rankings, stop by next week to read about Sitemaps, indexing and how to ask Google to crawl your page.

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